Dentistry Redefined

Let our experienced team care for your teeth and comfort.

Dental Treatments for Everyone

Patients of all ages can feel good at Riverton Dental. We provide industry-leading cleanings and care for all our visitors, from our youngest during their first appointments to our wisest. Now you can take excellent care of your teeth and gums while feeling relaxed and at ease.

Comfortable Cleanings

Just because it’s necessary doesn’t mean it can’t feel luxurious. At Riverton Dental, our skilled hygienists, assistants, dentists, and estheticians combine high-quality oral health care with wellness services to help you fall in love with taking care of your teeth and gums.

Relaxed Restorative Dental


Beautiful, functional, and aesthetically pleasing porcelain crowns can enhance your smile and repair broken or chipped teeth.


Sit back, relax, and stop tooth decay and pain with a quality filling from our experienced team.


Keep your smile looking great with a natural-looking and feeling bridge from Riverton Dental.

Root Canals

At Riverton Dental, we employ the latest technology and treatment methods to ensure a painless and effective root canal treatment. Our procedures and specialized treatments are essential to prevent additional pain and tooth loss and to feel your best.

Wisdom Tooth Removal

When your wisdom teeth come in, they can cause many issues, such as crowding, pain, infections, impacted teeth, gum disease, and decay. The experienced team at Riverton Dental can help you deal with wisdom teeth with efficient, effective, and pain-free extractions.

Invisalign Aligners

Comfortable and convenient are two of the ways our patients describe having their teeth straightened with Invisalign clear aligners. These nearly invisible dental devices give you great results and often in less treatment time than traditional braces. Best of all, you can easily remove them for eating, drinking, and business meetings. Contact Riverton Dental for your Invisalign consultation.

Riverton Testimonials


My husband and I switched to Riverton Dental a year ago and it was seriously the best decision! I can't say enough good things about this place. Dr. Pearson and his staff are very friendly, welcoming and down to earth. It's a very comfortable environment, which is important to me because, I typically dread going to the dentist but now I actually look forward to it. The new location is super nice and everything is brand new. The new massage chairs are my favorite, along with the neck warmer and the option to watch Netflix. Score! My husband and I have had nothing but a positive experience so far and We would recommend Riverton Dental to anyone and everyone.


Dr. Pearson and his staff provided high quality dental services when I needed them most. During travel to Utah, I experienced a set back with recent treatment which required immediate care. I was promptly treated and was able to quickly return to work. This staff provided quality care and more importantly, treated me with respect and attention to my immediate dental needs. Professional and courteous staff...highly recommend this provider for dental services....


Riverton Dental has a great atmosphere! Most of all, the staff is amazing! It's very pleasant to be in the care of Dr. Jeff Pearson. He is fantastic at what he does and creates a professional environment to his office! His staff is professional and precise in taking great care of your dental needs. I don't tolerate pain very well so it's nice to go somewhere (Riverton Dental) where they are gentle with your teeth while at the same time, they get the job done. I can't leave out the time factor. I definitely didn't feel they were rushing me to get out of there but on the flip side, they were fast and efficient! Love Riverton Dental!!!


Dr. Pearson and his staff are so welcoming and kind! When we left his office my daughter said "That was a pleasant experience, when is our next appointment?" We were both very impressed by Dr. Pearson, his receptionist and the dental hygienist. They took such great care of us! I highly recommend taking a visit to see Dr. Pearson!

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