Restore Your Smile

Natural Looking and Feeling Dental Implants

Why Get Dental Implants?


High-quality titanium and porcelain create a strong, long-lasting, permanent tooth replacement that will last many years.


Replacing missing teeth with an implant will feel like natural teeth, helping you speak and eat more comfortably and confidently.


Dental Implants look and feel like your own teeth, restoring face shape and revitalizing your smile.

How Implants Work

Dental Implants effectively replace missing teeth without disrupting other teeth like dental bridges do. Our skilled team will place a titanium screw into the jaw, which will allow for the support of a dental crown. Dental implants are painless, but Dr. Patch is certified to administer sedation to ensure the ultimate comfort for his implant patients.

Living with Implants

Life with Dental Implants is similar to your original teeth. After your new, natural-looking, and feeling implants have healed, you can enjoy much as you did before tooth loss. Our patients can eat a wide variety of foods and can speak and smile confidently, knowing that their teeth are not at risk of slipping. Best of all, Implants are incredibly comfortable and easily align with your regular oral health care routine. So if you have lost one or more teeth, let the qualified team at Riverton Dental revive your smile today.

Patient Statements

Ashley L

The staff made my experience a great one. I was treated in a warm, respectful, and friendly way. They provided me with education and quality dental work. Their office space is a clean and inviting one. I would recommend them to anyone!

Rose D

The best dental office I've been to. The staff is delightful, courteous, pleasant, and takes good care of your teeth. You have to try the facials. Wonderful experience. Highly recommend. Riverton Dental is a great Dentist.

Greg S

Dr. Patch and the staff are amazing. They're all friendly and nice. They explain things in a way that you don't need a medical degree to understand what they're saying. I will highly recommend them to anyone in need of a great dentist!

Morgan M

The staff was very friendly and made me feel comfortable. I am a very anxious person, so even a dentist visit is difficult, but this was probably the easiest visit I’ve had. I definitely would recommend them.

April M

Riverton Dental is such a fantastic office. Dr. Patch is very professional and has been outstanding to our family. The free facial and hand massage with each cleaning is a really special treat!

Courtney W

So glad I found this dental office. Super personable service and a very attentive dentist. They explained all my options for care and wanted to make sure I was part of the process.

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